Because I'm usually modding PS2 games, the way we distribute those mods is through entirely new disc images, ready to burn and play in debug PS2s, modded PS2s, emulators, whatever you got. Is this legal? I dunno. But the games are all out of print now so who cares.

My main series of custom discs is called marfGH, which are bite-sized chart samplers of either totally from scratch charts, ports from later Guitar Hero and Rock Band games, and recharts from less quality rhythm games or rhythm games that don't use five frets. These are usually themed in some capacity; I've got plans to do one for indie/unsigned bands and then another for all-new soundalike covers, just like the early GH games.

Still, they take time, so I've only got one out so far.

That's not the only kind of disc I've released, of course. Only counting the ones I've released myself (sorry Deluxe, sorry AddyGH—though you should 100% play those too!), have a small resume of them...

  • Encore: Rocks the 360 (MARF-00004)
    • Released: November 28, 2021
    • Trailer
    • Setlist
    • All 34 Xbox 360-exclusive GH2 songs, plus two GH1 favorites, brought to GH2 PS2 in full for the first time in a proper campaign.
  • Amplitude Demo Pack (MARF-00003)
    • Released: September 27, 2021
    • Trailer
    • As with the GH demo pack, a collection of Amplitude and FreQuency demos using a slick loader. This one also comes with a ton of promotional videos from various Sony demo discs. Harmonix history!
  • Guitar Hero Demo Pack (MARF-00002)
    • Released: September 12, 2021
    • Trailer
    • The various HMX GH PS2 demos, rounded up onto a single disc using one of the ultra-slick OP2M demo disc loaders from over in Europe. Lightly patched to enable access to otherwise locked-off content.
  • marfGH: Volume 0 (MARF-00001)
    • Released: June 14, 2021
    • Setlist
    • Trailer
    • Ten songs of various origins to start off the aforementioned ongoing series of chart sampler discs.