Colton's Adventure

"Hey. Raccoon."

You'd just dozed off for a moment. It's still rather early in the morning, and having spent it all nervously skittering around people on a City train platform has left you a little spent. That, and the constant anxiety that you ruined everything and this is all a waste of time. Kinda makes you wanna sleep and forget about it. Plus, the train seats are pretty comfy—at least, more comfy than your alleyway.

This guy doesn't look like he wants your sob story, though. He's an ermine; looks like one of those well-to-do businessmen you'd see desperately trying to bolt past you back in The City, in his nice brown coat and tie and giant, ridiculous glasses. What he's doing staring at you, you're not sure. Something awful impatient about him, but that's all those City types.

"We getting close to Apricot Bay?" he asks, staring.

> Stare back.

> "I think—yeah. We're kinda close."

> "Um—I'm sorry, I don't—know."