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The Lovecraftian FPS I can’t quite seem to stay away from.

Whoops, Not Done With Quake After All

"Lost Kamelot" by me and Logan

Peek at my failed attempts at mapping please, I spent all day on this.

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NoFEMBR Rolls On

My stupidly-named productivity month continues to yield.

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Arrogant Erratum is Out!

Part of the Arrogant Erratum start map

See title.

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No Way to Go But Down

Part of the new "Kuras" ending, featuring gold textures

Pending any additional balance fixes, “Arrogant Erratum” is about done.

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Arrogance Pays Off

Forsaken Citadel hub, original and rebuilt

NoFEMBR has begun. I start with those Quake levels.

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The Kuras Evacuation

The end of The Kuras Stronghold

It’s finally over.

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I Lost My Cloud the Day We Slipped Away to Rediscover England

Businessmen and Ghosts by Working For a Nuclear Free City

Good times ahead.

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Give It Up for Day *checks* 44

An intermission camera with the wrong roll

It’s a drop-dead sprint at this point. Let me not completely forget to update the blog while I’m at it.

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The “Outer Limits” Glitch

The highly irritating outer limits glitch in Quake


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A Hole in the Hull

DM4 with hull 1 visible

Lighter curiosity post today, this one about a strange quirk of Quake’s design.

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