eMachines - March 21st 2024

Just another Cammy, this time in the style of the fullbodies I'll be using on toyhou.se profiles. Indeed, you can see this one on Cammy's! No shading, but colored lines and a fitting prop or some kinda action pose. I just love drawing this boy, if I'm honest.

But my ghosts come to me these days - March 13th 2024

The two things I wanted to do starting off 2024 were to park my main Somnolescent site and take my toyhou.se private, and here's the art for the toyhou.se profile, three months late. That's okay though—I think this is fucking awesome. I've had the idea of Cammy being haunted by a book containing the spirits of my OCs since last year, and I really tried to lean into it and make this one I'd be proud of. This is like four generations of OCs I've fixated on in one drawing.

As a little bonus, this is my first time lighting a drawing! Caby suggested I do some proper lit areas after I got done with the shading to keep things from looking too flat, and while I wasn't initially sure I'd care for the results, they definitely helped, so I kept them!

Prince - March 12th 2024

Ah, Prince. I've not posted any of the drawings I've done of him yet to the gallery (mostly because I didn't like how they came out), but this one, I really love. He's an old pink cat design that Caby drew as a teenager, did a redraw of, and then I fell in love with him. I jokingly call him my boyfriend now and Caby teases me about it.

Anyway, here he is leaning against a wall and looking fruity. I went with airbrush coloring because it suits his softness. Shoutout to when I colored his entire face pink forgetting he had a white muzzle, woke up the next morning, and rushed to fix it before I posted it places. I'm glad Sheezy was down all weekend!